The Men and Women of Nevada County Arkansas in World War Two

The Men and Women of Nevada County Arkansas in World War Two

This book has 1351 Profiles with photographs.

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Pvt. Corbin Alexander US Army

Oscar Anderson, US Army

Pvt. Dan R. Anthony, US Army

Sgt. Fate Anthony, US Army

T-5 Dennis Anthony, US Army

Pfc. Talmadge Anthony, US Army

Cpl. Baby R. Anthony, US Army

Cpl. Elii Arnold, Jr., US Army

Cpl. William Armstrong, US Army

T-5 Vernon W. Bazzelle, US Army

Pfc. Murl Bazzelle, US Army

Pfc. Casberry Bazzelle, US Army

T-Sgt. Young Bazzelle, US Army

Sgt. James C. Bazzelle, US Army

Sgt. Dewylie Bazzelle, US Army

S/Sgt. William L. Beasley, US Army

Pvt. Grayson H. Beasley, US Army

T/Sgt. Paul Beasley, US Army

S3C Quentin R . Berryman, US Navy

Pfc. Carnal Blake, US Army

Pfc: Garfield Blake, US Army

Sgt. Lucious L. Blake,  US Army

S1C James A. Blake, US Navy

Pfc. Lewis Blake, US Army

Dollison E. Blake, USMC

Pfc. Ollie Blake, US Army

Pfc. Felton C. Booker, US Army

Sgt. Ataw Braggs, US Army

Sgt. Samuel J. Brown, US Army WIA 

Pfc. Azor Brewer, US Army

Pvt. Kneeham Burnell, Jr., US Army

Pfc. James D. Burton, US Army

Willmar Carter, US Navy

Cpl. Clifford G. Carmicheal, Army Air Corps

Joe Corsby, USCG

S.T.M. Robert A. Charles, US Navy

Cpl. Garland Charles, US Army

S1c Elzia T. Charles, US Navy

S-Sgt. Franklin Collins 38295009, US Army.

Pfc. Johnie L. Curry, US Army

Pvt. James E. Dansby 38179075, US Army

Pvt. Virgil Dismube US Army

Sgt. Jimmie Dismube, US Army

Stm. 2.c Isiah Dismube US Navy

Pvt. Elex Dixon, US Army

Pfc. James O. Dixon, US Army

Pvt. Charlie L. Dunlap, US Army

Pvt. Frank Ellis 38737026, US Army

Pfc. Alton Ellis 38328093, US Army,

Cpl. Severy Ellis, US Army

Pfc. Clyde Evans 38289647, US Army

Pfc. Benjamin Farmer 38516784, US Army

S/Sgt. Augustus L. Garland, US Army

Cpl. Arthur A. Giles US Army

Pfc. William B. Giles US Army 

T/5 Floyd Giles US Army