63rd Infantry Division — “Blood and fire”

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The 63rd Infantry Division was activated on June 15, 1943 at Camp Blanding Florida, using a cadre from the 98th Infantry Division. Shortly thereafter, the division moved to Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi. After 17 months of training the Division made its way to Europe. The 63rd Infantry Division served for 119 days in Combat in the European African Middle Eastern Theater; during this time they served in the campaigns of RHINELANDARDENNES-ALSACE, and CENTRAL EUROPE. The Division was made up of these units.

253rd Infantry regiment 

254th Infantry Regiment

255th Infantry regiment

 718th Field Artillery battalion (155mm) – 63rd Infantry Division

861st Field Artillery battalion (105mm) – 63rd Infantry Division

862nd Field Artillery battalion (105mm) – 63rd Infantry Division

863rd Field Artillery battalion (105mm) – 63rd Infantry Division


363rd Medical Battalion – 63rd Infantry Division

63rd Division attached units

63rd Infantry Division Band

63rd Div. HQ & HQ Co. and Special Troops HQ, medics 

63rd Infantry Division Military Police Platoon

63rd Infantry Division – Quartermaster Company

63rd Cav. Reconnaissance Troop

563rd Signal Company

763rd Ordnance Company (Light Maintenance)

Unknown – 63rd Infantry Division

692nd Tank Destroyer Battalion

Medals of Honor

First Lieutenant James E. Robinson, Jr., KIA 4/06/1945

Staff Sergeant John R. Crews

Distinguished Service Cross

S/SGT. Jack M. Collette 20710921 KIA 4/26/1945 

General Anthony F. Daskevich O-1692601, 753rd Tank

PFC Walter J. Dilbeck, Jr. 35841476 

Captain Robert H. Meade O423346

S/Sgt. Clifford B. Myrice 35835207 

Colonel Angelo Enrico Pilla O-1290123

PFC Eugene B. Reich 33662432 

PFC, Gerald B. Stegemeyer 36817433 

Lt. Colonel Robert E. Tucker O19938 

Captain  Robert S. Young O1312101 KIA 4/15/1945

It is extremely vital to remember that without the hard work and research from these 4 men that much of the history of the 63rd Infantry Division would not be known today.

Colonel Michael Baymor,

Colonel Fred Clinton D/254th, B/363d, Ranger Platoon

S/Sgt. Magnus L Froberg C/253rd;

PFC William “Bill” J. Scott E/254th;

and the 63rd Infantry Division Association. 

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