Private First Class Grover Junior Dees, 44050922

Private First Class Grover Junior Dees, 44050922 US Army KIA.  He was born on October 26, 1925 the son of George and Velma Dees of Mobile, Washington County Alabama. PFC Dees served in 1st Squad, 1st Platoon Company F253rd Infantry, 63rd Infantry Division. He died on April 6, 1945, at the age of 19, while holding off a German counter attack he did not receive a medal for this action other than the Purple Heart Medal. According to Walter J. Dilbeck Jr. who earned the Distinguished Service Cross at Buchhof; states that Grover J. Dees should have received the Medal of Honor for what he did at Buchhof.

According to Walter J. Dilbeck Jr.

“At Buchhof… in the Apple orchard… I was trying to keep the front down with my Browning Automatic Rifle, I’d found this old wagon wheel in the orchard and put the BAR in the spokes so I could wheel it around while firing.” The 17th SS “hit Grover Dees, a boy from Mobil Alabama. He was only about 19 years old, he got shot in the stomach and he was standing there with a hole in his stomach trying to keep the bastards down, until my ammo bearers could line up 300 more rounds of ammunition. The next shot this boy Dees got was through the mouth, went in through the side of his mouth through the side of his jaw and came out the other side and he was vomiting blood, and he was still firing the carbine. This boy should have had the Congressional Medal of Honor, if anybody should have ever get one. He dropped dead with 2 holes in him still firing his carbine. “

The Video attached is Walter J. Dilbeck JR. and Robert Bane talking about Grover J. Dees.