41st Infantry Division – The Jungleers

The 41st Infantry Division served for 380 days in Combat in The Asiatic Pacific Theater of operations; during this time they served in the campaigns of PAPUANEW GUINEA, and, SOUTHERN PHILIPPINES.

161st Infantry Regiment

162nd Infantry Regiment

163rd Infantry Regiment

186th Infantry Regiment

HQ 41st Division

81st Infantry Brigade

82nd Infantry Brigade

66th Field Artillery Brigade

146th Field Artillery Regiment

148th Field Artillery Regiment

218th Field Artillery Regiment

41st Military Police Company

41st Signal Company

116th Ordnance Company

116th Engineer (Combat) Regiment

116th Medical Regiment

116th Quartermaster Regiment

41st Infantry Division KIA List


Randal K. Balch

Leonard C. DeWitt

Roy L. Dietsch – KIA

Jordon W. Davis

Jens A. Doe

Frank R. Gehrman

Glen J. Hansen

Nicholas W. Hatfield

John R. Jacobucci

Byrum D. Jones – KIA

Albert J. Langhan

Harold M. Lindstrom

John H. McRoberst

John L. Mohl

Melvin C. Monroe

Joseph. F. Montore

Everett L. Moore

Edward Morales – KIA

Paul E. Petersotl

Walter R. Rankin

Wilmer K. Rummel

George F. Singletary, Jr.

Charles M. Solley, Jr.

Thomas B. Williams

Paul Ziegele


Jens A. Doe – Oak Leaf Cluster

Horace H. Fuller

41st Infantry Division – Jungleers Unit History