Private Ova A. Kelley 39141987 

Less than an hour after Private Ova A. Kelley, had earned his Medal of Honor. PFC Scherzer was watching over PFC Ova A. Kelley and Staff Sgt John W. Garlington. When Company A was ordered to withdraw from their position. The position were supposed to be filled by the 38th Infantry Division, which never happened. PVT Ova A. Kelley was Killed by a Sniper, Several hours later when it had become night PFC Max Maximilian Scherzer was killed by a sniper while standing guard over S/Sgt Garlington. SSgt Garlington was wounded in the right thigh from a mortar shell from the fighting for the Air Field. Later that evening a squad of Japanese soldiers came to make sure that the Americans were dead. S/Sgt Garlington who was socked in his own blood played dead as he was being stabbed with a bayonet. S/Sgt Garlington played dead for about an hour after the Japanese soldiers were gone and crawled about 2 miles to the field Hospital.