398th Infantry Regiment

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Headquarters Company

First Battalion Headquarters Company 

Company A

Company B

Company C

Company D

2nd Battalion Headquarters Company 

Company E

Company F

Company G

Company H

3rd Battalion Headquarters Company 

Company I

Company K

Company L

Company M

Anti-Tank Company

Cannon Company

Medical Detachment

Service Company


History of the 398th Infantry book


Pfc. Mike Colalillo Company C

1st Lt. Edward A. Silk Company E



Lieutenant Colonel Ralph C. McCrum, Commander, 1st Battalion

Second Lieutenant Marven L. Larson, Company I 

Technical Sergeant Frank B. Bujnowski, Company A  (Posthumous)

Staff Sergeant Loma H. Hash, Company C (Posthumous)

Sergeant Charles E. Compton, Company G, (Heilbronn, Germany)

Sergeant Charles R. Johnson, Company A 

Technician 5th Grade Joseph P. Nebesney, Medical Detachment (Heilbronn, Germany) (Posthumous)

Private First Class Virgil J. Gooch, Company M (Heilbronn, Germany) (Posthumous)

Private First Class Marco Zagha, Medical Detachment