63rd Infantry Division — “Blood and fire”

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The 63rd Infantry Division served for 119 days in Combat in the European African Middle Eastern Theater; during this time they served in the campaigns of RHINELANDARDENNES-ALSACE, and CENTRAL EUROPE. The Division was made up of these units.

253rd Infantry regiment 

254th Infantry Regiment

255th Infantry regiment

 718th Field Artillery battalion (155mm) – 63rd Infantry Division

861st Field Artillery battalion (105mm) – 63rd Infantry Division

862nd Field Artillery battalion (105mm) – 63rd Infantry Division

863rd Field Artillery battalion (105mm) – 63rd Infantry Division


363rd Medical Battalion – 63rd Infantry Division

63rd Division attached units

63rd Infantry Division Band

63rd Div. HQ & HQ Co. and Special Troops HQ, medics 

63rd Infantry Division Military Police Platoon

63rd Infantry Division – Quartermaster Company

63rd Cav. Reconnaissance Troop

563rd Signal Company

763rd Ordnance Company (Light Maintenance)

Unknown – 63rd Infantry Division

Medals of Honor

First Lieutenant James E. Robinson, Jr., KIA 4/06/1945

Staff Sergeant John R. Crews

Distinguished Service Cross

S/SGT. Jack M. Collette 20710921 KIA 4/26/1945 

PFC Walter J. Dilbeck, Jr. 35841476 

Captain Robert H. Meade O423346

S/Sgt. Clifford B. Myrice 35835207 

Colonel Angelo Enrico Pilla O-1290123

PFC Eugene B. Reich 33662432 

PFC, Gerald B. Stegemeyer 36817433 

Lt. Colonel Robert E. Tucker O19938 

Captain  Robert S. Young O1312101 KIA 4/15/1945

It is extremely vital to remember that without the hard work and research from these 4 men that much of the history for the 63rd Infantry Division would not be known today.

Colonel Michael Baymor,

Colonel Fred Clinton D/254th, B/363d, Ranger Platoon

S/Sgt. Magnus L Froberg C/253rd;

PFC William “Bill” J. Scott E/254th;

and the 63rd Infantry Division Association. 

Blood and fire Newspaper

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